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Roulette Review

Overall - 94%

Loco Panda is a decent casino. Nothing bad, but by the same token nothing spectacular either. It's perfectly fine if you fancy a few good wagers.

The best aspects are the fact that they accept US players and that they decided to name an online casino "Loco Panda". Unfortunately, their Panda looks far less "loco" than I hoped:

Loco Panda Panda

They should rename it to "Docile Panda" Casino instead. Or maybe "Moderately Disinterested Panda" Casino.


Loco Panda only offers two versions of Roulette:

  1. American Roulette
  2. European Roulette


...and you need to be fairly drunk to play American Roulette over European Roulette under your own volition, so that only leaves one viable game left to play.

Note: Why is it a bad idea to play American Roulette? Because it has a worse house edge. Playing the American version is a typical noob mistake.

Loco Panda has a glorious selection of Slots (30+), along with enjoyable table games like Baccarat and a bunch of Blackjack variants. However, it's slim pickings on the Roulette front.

At least their European table has a Racetrack to take advantage of though. That's always good fun for when you want to place seemingly random bets that are too unusual to understand.


Loco Panda uses RTG software, which is standard for a US-facing online casino. I'm personally a big fan of RTG, as their software is sleek and the graphics are more advanced than others.

The two things I like about the RTG Roulette table:

  1. Custom Bet Sizes - You can create your own unique bet size, which speeds things up if you like to like to bet in odd unit sizes.
  2. Huge Wheel - It's difficult to miss. Playing Roulette is all about the wheel, and it's annoying when an online casino decides to use a small one. Fortunately, Loco Panda isn't annoying.


Casino Titan Roulette Wheel ScreenshotCustom Bet Sizes - This feature is unique to RTG casinos.

The only thing I don't like about the Loco Panda Roulette table is:

  1. Blurry Wheel - the numbers are blurry during motion.


The wheel gets so blurry that it's hard to keep track of where the numbers are, so you can't anticipate where the ball will land. For me, this takes a lot of the excitement out of the game.

I mean, you may just about be able to keep track of one or two numbers on the wheel, but it you'll need to strain your eyes so much that you risk spraining a retina.


Their website is basic - and I should know because I'm the king of building basic websites.

Still, that's not a bad thing. The key point is that everything works well, but aside from the hilarious name and logo there's not a lot to get you excited.

Signing up is straightforward. Browsing around the casino games is a piece of cake, and making a deposit is quick and easy. Sometimes it's refreshing to use a bare-bones website.

Well, bare-bones + a Panda.


Another simple online cashier. It's far from being the most attractive cashier I've ever seen, but it works just fine.

The Loco Panda Web CashierThe uglier something is on the Internet, the faster it loads.

Support - 5/10

Haven't had a lot of interaction with the good people at support except for their "live chat" feature.

The people I spoke to their were friendly and sufficiently efficient. They seemed to have time to speak to me and make sure my questions were answered thoroughly, which was reassuring.

They've also got email and phone support, but I haven't tested those.

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Casino Details

Bonus: $3,000
Match: 150%
Software: RTG
Mac: Yes
US: Yes


Stack Betting Stack Betting Yes
Multiplayer Multiplayer No
Full Screen Full Screen Mode No
Previous Results Recent Results Yes
Autoplay Autoplay Feature No
Turbo Mode Turbo Mode No
Racetrack Betting Feature Racetrack Yes
Custom Betting Patterns Custom Patterns No

Roulette Wheel

Spin Time 4 - 5 secs
Realism 9/10
Clarity 7/10


Betting Limits

Outside: $1 to $250
Inside: $1 to $250
Table: $500