Mac Compatible Roulette Casinos

Bet365 Roulette On A Macbook

Mac Compatible Roulette

If you are looking to play Roulette on a Mac computer, I'm afraid that your choices are going to be a little limited. Not all online casinos currently provide software that can run on Mac computers, but fortunately there are a handful that do.

The following are the top Roulette casinos reviewed on this site that have Mac OS X compatible software.

Mac compatible Roulette sites

Logo Casino Rating US Mac Bonus Play
CloudBet Logo CloudBet 97% Yes Yes ฿5 Play Now
Betcoin Logo Betcoin 93% Yes Yes Play Now
Sky Vegas Logo Sky Vegas 90% No Yes £500 Play Now
Casino Club Logo Casino Club 78% No Yes €250 Play Now
32Red Logo 32Red 75% No Yes £32 Play Now

Top Mac compatible Roulette casino


Play online roulette at Bet365 on your Mac

It turns out that the top rated casino for Roulette on this site is also Mac compatible. Bet365 has excellent software and provides the best experience for anyone looking to place some bets at an online Roulette table.

Luckily, the Bet365 casino does not restrict itself to Windows users, as Mac users should have no problem playing at the casino. There is an instant-play version of every game on offer that runs within a pop-up browser window.

Bet365 Roulette Browser Version The browser-based version of the roulette game for Mac users at Bet365 in action.

In fact, the browser-based roulette tables are so convenient that I would be surprised if you didn't use them even if you're running Windows. They're that quick to load and they just run so smoothly.

Read the Bet365 roulette review for more details on the roulette games available at the casino.

Play online roulette at Bet365 on your Mac

Mac Compatible Roulette For US Players

If you are living in the US and using a Mac computer, the Rushmore casino is your best option.

Bet365 does not accept US players, so you are left with the Rushmore casino to play at, which is actually a very good casino for roulette.

Why do Mac OS X users have trouble?

The reason why Mac users have trouble with online casinos is that they usually come in installable *.exe program files, which Mac computers cannot work with. Therefore if a casino only offers software that users must download and install, and it comes as a *.exe file, Mac users will not be able to use it.

The simple solution to this is to have a "no download" casino. For example, if you take a look at the Bet365 and Rushmore websites, you can see that they have an "instant play" casino, which allows you to play at the casino without having to download any software.

Using this flash-based software you can still play all the same casino games that the downloadable casinos offer, including; flash roulette, blackjack, craps and sometimes even flash pai gow.

Are there any other solutions?

If you are really desperate to play at a casino that is only available to Windows users, you can get PC emulator software (called Parallels), which will allow you to run Windows on your Mac.

I use this software myself on my Macbook Pro for running all sorts of different Windows-only programs from time to time. Although there is a price tag it does work very well, so I'd definitely say that it's worth the money if you're interested in running Windows programs on your Mac.

However, in my honest opinion I would just stick with the no download roulette casinos available as a Mac roulette player. These are solid casinos in themselves, and it is not worth splashing out on an extra program just to run non-Mac OS X compatible software.

Seriously, just try loading up the browser roulette games at Bet365 and you'll see how easy and effective it is.

Playing online on the website is just as good as playing on downloaded software.

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