US Friendly Bitcoin Casinos (no IP block).

Not all bitcoin casinos accept players from the US.

Nonetheless, here's a list of good ones that do not block players with US IP addresses:

Logo Casino US Rating
CloudBet Logo CloudBet Yes 97%
Betcoin Logo Betcoin Yes 93%

Table last updated: November 2020

Why don't all bitcoin casinos accept US players?

Because the US government cannot regulate them (i.e. get a slice of the action).

If a business is making money from US citizens and the US government isn't getting a cut, the US government will try and shut it down. Therefore, some bitcoin casinos opt to block certain countries (e.g. the US) to minimize the risk of being shut down.

Bitcoin gambling is legal, but not all bitcoin casinos want the potential hassle that comes with accepting US players.

Old SealsWithClubs screenshot

SatoshiBet is an example of a lovely bitcoin casino that blocks cryptocurrency deposits from anyone visiting the site with a US IP (check your IP).

Example: SealsWithClubs Poker (2011 - 2015)

SealsWithClubs was the biggest bitcoin-only poker room (and a very good one at that). They accepted players from anywhere in the world, including US players.

Old SealsWithClubs screenshot

Screenshot of the old SealsWithClubs poker room.

However, on 11th Feb 2015, their headquarters were raided for "violation of the Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 463.750(10b), and the operation of an interactive gaming site without all appropriate licenses as required by State law NRS 463.160(1a)."

Nobody was arrested, but they decided to stop all operations anyway out of fear of what might happen if they continued running the poker room.

Is it legal to gamble with bitcoins in the US?

Yes. (but I'm not a lawyer)

It has always been legal to gamble on the Internet in America. The only thing that slowed online gambling down was the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in 2006, which made it illegal for companies to process payments for online gambling companies.

But there's nothing wrong with an individual making a deposit and placing bets with it.

No American has ever been arrested, indicted, or prosecuted by the feds for gambling online, because there's no law against it. – Michael Bluejay