High Limit Bitcoin Casinos.

Here's a list of reliable bitcoin casinos I know of that take high stakes bets.

Logo Casino Blackjack Roulette Rating
CloudBet Logo CloudBet 6 BTC 6 BTC 97%
Betcoin Logo Betcoin 5 BTC 5 BTC 93%

Table last updated: November 2020

The limits on the blackjack table at Cloudbet.com (6000 mBTC = 6 BTC)

These aren't actually the absolute highest stakes bitcoin casinos I can find. These are casinos that I have used and trust, yet also happen to offer some of the highest betting limits available.

I've listed the blackjack and roulette table limits to give an example of the size of the bets you can place at these casinos.

What's the most you can deposit at these casinos?

You can deposit as much as you want.

In bitcoin, a transaction is just a line of data. So the only difference between a 0.001 BTC transaction and a 1000 BTC transaction is a decimal place (and reordering the numbers). Both transactions will be processed in exactly the same way, so the amount you send in a transaction isn't a big deal.

And because bitcoin is an unregulated currency (I mean this as a compliment), there's nothing forcing the bitcoin casinos to restrict the amount you can deposit and play with.

So deposit as much as you like.

How long do deposits take?

Deposits are usually instant (a matter of seconds).

A transaction is just a line of data, so the time it takes for a line of data to propagate the bitcoin network will be the time it takes for your deposit to appear.

Sometimes you'll need to wait for the transaction to be mined in to the blockchain before your deposit is cleared (this is what is meant when a casino asks for "one confirmation").

It takes about 10 minutes for a transaction to get mined in to the blockchain (one confirmation), and 10 minutes for each additional confirmation after that.

But a lot of bitcoin casinos do not require you wait for the transaction to get mined first, so you can start playing immediately. (see instant deposit bitcoin casinos)

What are the fees for large bitcoin transactions?

Let me show you:

Amount (BTC) Fee (BTC)
0.1 0.0002
1 0.0002
10 0.0002
100 0.0002
1000 0.0002

In bitcoin, the transactions fees are not calculated based on the amount you are sending. So the fee for a 1000 BTC transaction can (and usually will) be the same as the fee for a 0.1 BTC transaction.

The fees act as an incentive for bitcoin miners to process your transaction. So if you include a competitively sized fee, a miner will more readily include it in their current block of transactions, and your transaction will be added to the blockchain ("confirmed") more quickly.

The bitcoin wallet you are using (I like Electrum) will set an appropriately-sized fee for you when you create your transaction.

The fee only increases when you create a bitcoin transaction that uses a lot of data. For example, if you want to send bitcoins to multiple addresses in one transaction, this will increase the size of the transaction (the line of data), and so would attach a slightly larger fee to pay for this transaction data to be processed (e.g. 0.0002).

Do these high limit bitcoin casinos have VIP programs?

Yes, but I'm not going to run through them here.

You can always expect some sort of preferetial treatment as a high roller. You're best bet (heh) is to email the casino you're interested in, ask a few questions, and play at the one that's the most friendly.

If you've been at the casino for a little while and want to play for higher stakes, you can always ask the casino to increase the betting limits on their casino games, and they're usually happy to work with your account.

Basically, if you're friendly and play honestly, a casino will be friendly and accomodating.

Why is this so easy?

Because this is just how bitcoin works.

I think you're just used to the restrictions that come with using government-controlled currencies. Bitcoin isn't regulated or controlled by a government, so you're free to use it in any way you want.

Bitcoin is how money should be. And the option to gamble with your own money should be available to everyone, no matter how much you choose to play with.

Good luck, and be smart.