Roulette Tools

Handy online tools for roulette players

These are just some simple web tools to help you get a better understanding of roulette.

No need to download anything. They run in your browser.

Unit Calculator
Work out your ideal bet size (or "unit") based on the amount of money you have to play roulette with. This helps to get the most out of your roulette sessions.
Winnings Simulator
See how your roulette sessions could turn out using this roulette results simulator. Just enter your bet size, and see how you balance fluctuates over the course of a few thousand spins of the wheel.

Can tools help me to win money from roulette?

I'm afraid not.

There is no tool out there that can help you to win money when playing roulette online. The game is designed so that the casino has a slight house edge, and there is no system, software, or strategy that can get around it.

It doesn't matter where, how much, or when you bet — the odds are always be fractionally in the favor of the casino. You can win money if you get lucky, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do as a player to turn the odds in your favor.

So do not invest in any systems or software for beating roulette. The only people making money from these are those selling them. Instead, just play the game how you want to play it and hope that the luck gods are on your side.

What about tools that guarantee winning?

I have seen some software being advertised that promises to predict numbers and guarantees a 94.7% chance of winning.

This percentage is correct, but it doesn't mean you're going to win money.

This 94.7% number comes from the fact that an American roulette table as a 5.3% house edge. So on every bet you make, you are expected to lose 5.3% of it on average. So it's like saying by wagering $10 you're going to "win" $9.47 of your money back each time. Or as a normal person would describe it: losing $0.53 each time.

Screenshot of software winning percentage claim

This is a common tactic. Don't fall for it.

So don't get drawn in. People selling snake oil will say anything to get you to buy a bottle, and it gets even more seductive when they blend in actual percentages to try and confuse you.

Warning: If anyone promises a 94.7% or 97.4% chance of winning (or around that mark), they are just telling you the same probability of success that everyone has. In other words, their software does nothing.

Can you beat any online casino games?

You cannot beat games like roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, slots, or any game where you are "playing against the house".

The casinos operate to make money, so these games are designed so that the casino has a marginal mathematical edge at all times. So whilst you can win money if you get lucky, over the long run you're not expected to win no matter how well you play.

Check out the simulator to see what I mean.

Note: In blackjack you can play tactically to improve your chances of winning, but even if you play perfectly you are just minimizing the house edge (down to around 0.75%), and you're not actually beating the casino.

I suppose one of the greatest illusions that casino creates is that you can "play better" in some games to give yourself a chance of winning (e.g. not hitting when you have 20 in blackjack), but this is all just an illusion and you can never get the better of the casino.


However, there is one game you can beat at the casino, and that game is poker. This is because you are playing against other people and not the casino, so it's possible to make money. It's still gambling because you can't control what cards come out, but over the long run if you play your cards well (and can figure out your opponents) it's perfectly possible to win money.

So if you're searching for a way to make money from gambling, stop looking for software/tools to beat casino games and learn how to play poker instead.