Want to ask me something?


Hello there,

If you have got any questions about roulette or suggestions for the website, I would be happy to hear from you:

greg [at] [thisdomain] [dot] com

Just replace the stuff between [square brackets] with the corresponding words and symbols. Surprisingly this still works for preventing bots from scraping my email address and spamming me to high heaven.

But anyway, if you've got a genuine email I'll do my best to answer. I don't work a typical 9 to 5 schedule, so it might take a couple of days for me to reply.

However, I don't respond to all emails. If you're emailing about something to do with marketing I'm unlikely to reply. Things I'm not particularly interested in are:

I'm always happy to link to great websites with useful information, but most of the time I just get emails from marketers representing websites that do not fall in to this category.

But as I say, if you're a real person with a real question, please do send me an email.

Lastly, I'm always grateful for messages about typos/mistakes. I find them harder to spot after I've been working on the same article for a while, so getting suggestions from anyone who has read them with a fresh pair of eyes is invaluable.

Speak to you soon (or in a couple of days),