Quick deposit bitcoin casinos (no confirmations).

Here's a list of reliable bitcoin casinos with quick/instant bitcoin deposits.

Logo Casino Rating Confirmations Play
CloudBet Logo CloudBet 97% 0 Play Now
Betcoin Logo Betcoin 93% 1 Play Now

Table last updated: October 2020

As I say, these casinos that I think are reliable and that have very fast (or instant) deposit times. They also have fast withdrawals from my experience, although they may not always be instant.

A note on confirmations and time.

Confirmations Time (roughly)
0 instant
1 10 mins
2 20 mins

If a casino asks for 0 confirmations, it's practically an instant deposit.

It may take about 30 seconds for the transaction data to propagate the bitcoin network and for the casino to see it, but other than that it's as instant as you can get.

What is a confirmation?

A confirmation is what makes a bitcoin transaction "undoable".

When you make a bitcoin transaction, it goes in to a "holding area" on the bitcoin network. Whilst a transaction is in this holding area (called the transaction pool), it's possible to try and send the same bitcoins somewhere else.

Therefore, each miner on the bitcoin network tries to add all of the transactions in the transaction pool on to a big file of "confirmed" trasactions (called the blockchain). It takes a lot of processing power to achieve this, and when is has been done, it is very difficult to undo.

Every time a new batch of transactions gets added to the blockchain (on top of the transacion you made), the number of confirmations for your transaction increases.

So when a transaction gets confirmed, it cannot be undone easily.

The more confirmations a transaction has, the more impossible it is to reverse. 1 confirmation is usually enough, but you can wait for 2 or more to be sure.

If you want to see how many confirmations your transaction has, check the bitcoin address (the one you're sending bitcoins to) at blockchain.info.

How can a casino accept a deposit with 0 confirmations?

Because they wait for the confirmation before allowing you to withdraw.

If a casino accepts instant bitcoin deposits, then they will credit your account as soon as they see the transaction appear on the network, and you can place bets immediately.

You just have to wait for the confirmation before you can withdraw.

How long does it take for a confirmation?

A confirmation takes an average of 10 minutes.

To add a block of transactions from the transaction pool to the blockchain, a miner needs to randomly guess a correct random number. This number is so hard to find, that a random miner on the network will find a correct one roughly every 10 minutes.

However, because this number can only be found randomly, even though 10 minutes is the ideal time, it will often be a few minutes either side.

Have a look at the time differences between these blocks of transactions:

I like blockexplorer.com for checking out the latest blocks in the blockchain.

So if you make a transaction, don't be horrified if it takes 30 minutes or so for that first confirmation -- it's just the way it goes occassionally.

The difficulty of finding a correct number is set by the difficulty It changes every 2016 blocks to try and create an average of 10 minutes between adding new blocks to the blockchain (i.e. another transaction confirmation).