This is more than likely going to be the least visited (as well as the least interesting) page of this site, but I'm going to throw a disclaimer here anyway to clear a few things up about the site. So congratulations on being one of the very few people to view this page, but I'm afraid there's no reward for finding it. So anyway, here we go...

RouletteStar.com is an information site and nothing else. It is not a gambling site, and we do not accept or process wagers of any sort. The site is here to simply inform visitors about the game of roulette.

The information on this site is provided as a helpful guide, and we cannot be held responsible for any losses experienced by players using the information from this site. You sign up to online casinos and gamble under your own esteem, and so losses (as well as gains) are going to be due to your own controlled actions.

We make it clear throughout this site that you cannot beat online or live roulette. That is, you cannot consistently win money from the game, and you will eventually be losing more money than you win. So you should not be under the notion that roulette has the potential to become a regular source of income. Roulette is played for its entertainment value.

To play roulette online, you should be of legal age for both that of the online casino and within your legal jurisdiction.

Visitors use the articles and information contained within this site at their own discretion.

We also hope that visitors enjoy the site, and that they gamble responsibly at all times. Furthermore, the best of luck is wished upon each player for the next time they make a wager at an online casino.