High Stakes Roulette Casinos

High Stakes RouletteIf you have a fair amount of money at hand to gamble with, you will want to play at a Roulette Casino that will offer high enough betting stakes so you can experience bigger wins.

Be aware that the table below mixes the currencies of Dollar, Euro and Pound.

So, for those of you looking for high stakes roulette games...

Online roulette casino betting limits table.

Logo Casino Rating Inside Outside Total Visit
Sky Vegas Logo Sky Vegas 90% £500 £5,000 No Limit Visit
Casino Club Logo Casino Club 78% €500 €5,000 No Limit Visit
CloudBet Logo CloudBet 97% ฿3,000 ฿3,000 ฿3,000 Visit
Betcoin Logo Betcoin 93% ฿3,000 ฿3,000 ฿3,000 Visit
32Red Logo 32Red 75% £250 £1,000 No Limit Visit


  • Inside = Maximum inside bet amount (e.g. a straight bet on the number 7).
  • Outside = Maximum outside bet amount (e.g. a bet on "Red" or a "Dozen" bet).
  • Total = The maximum total amount that can be wagered on one spin (through a combination of multiple inside and outside bets).

Top overall high stakes roulette casino

The top Roulette casino for high stakes roulette betting is Sky Vegas

At Sky Vegas, you can choose tables that offer outside betting limits of between £0.01 and £5,000.

High stakes roulette for US players

Unfortunately, Casino Club does not accept US players, so the next best thing is Rushmore, which has a maximum bet of $250.

However, this high stakes roulette maximum bet is split between the inside and outside bets, so essentially you can place a bet of up to $500 on the table for one spin.

Are these the top limits?

These are the biggest and safest limits that I am aware of for high stakes Roulette games. Always be wary of any casinos offering stakes higher than $5,000, as you do not want to be placing such high bets at a casino that has a less than favorable reputation.

My best advice would be to stick with the bigger and more popular casinos when it comes to high stakes roulette games. Better safe than sorry.

Have a look at this other site for more information on high limit Roulette. It's dedicated to providing information on the highest stakes Casinos, and the sortable tables make it really easy to find the Casino and stakes that you are looking for.

Is it safe to bet at these limits?

As long as you are comfortable with betting at these particular limits, you should have no concerns about the safety of your money. The Roulette casinos on this site are reputable companies that have been processing bets for years, so you can be sure that your money is safe.

However, as I said, you should only bet with money that you can afford to play with (and potentially lose). If imagining losing X amount of money makes you feel a little sick inside, then you should not place that money down on the table. Always stick to limits that you feel comfortable with.

Any tips for winning?

If I had any tips for consistently winning money at the Roulette tables, I wouldn't be here right now (you would find me throwing everything I had at the highest stakes Roulette game around). The high stakes roulette games play exactly the same as the standard stakes games, so it's all down to luck at the end of the day.

However, if you're not already aware, make sure you stick to the European tables as opposed to the American Roulette tables. This is because you have better odds at the European tables, which means you have a better chance of winning. See the article on European vs American Roulette for more details.