PayPal Roulette

Online roulette casinos that accept PayPal

So, you want to play some online roulette for real money and you have a PayPal account handy. Can you make a deposit at an online casino using PayPal?


Here's a list of roulette casinos that I've found that accept PayPal as a payment method:

PayPal roulette casinos.

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How long do PayPal deposits take?

They are instant.

As soon as you've logged in to PayPal from the casino you're depositing at and confirmed your deposit amount the funds will appear in your casino account.

It really is as easy as you had hoped. It's just as quick and straightforward as it is to deposit with your debit/credit card (if not even easier because you do not have to enter any long card numbers).

PayPal deposit option in the casino cashier

PayPal as a deposit option in the cashier.

How long do PayPal withdrawals take?

Usually within 24 hours.

I know, what more can you ask for? Although most casinos say "up to 24 hours", it's usually within 2 or 3. There have even been times where my PayPal withdrawal came through almost instantly, as it only took about 5 or 6 minutes for the PayPal email notification to hit my inbox.

All in all, PayPal is up there as one of the fastest withdrawal methods. It's just as speedy as other popular online wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill.

Note. Over recent years I've become accustomed to the flexibility and control that comes with using bitcoin, so I now use that instead of online wallets whenever possible.

Why don't all online casinos accept PayPal as a deposit option?

Back in 2001 PayPal was an accepted banking method at virtually every online casino. It was just as prevalent as credit cards are today.

However, in 2002 eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion, and they subsequently moved away from being a big payment processor for gambling companies. I'm assuming that this was a business decision to help avoid running in to legal issues (whatever they may be), or avoid any shady companies that could end up causing more regulatory problems than they were worth. As a result, PayPal scaled back their services in this area, much to the dismay of many recreational gamblers.

These days PayPal still works with a number of gambling and casino sites, but primarily those based in Europe and have a license with the Malta Gaming Authority or Great Britain Gambling Commission. So that pretty much works in our favor anyway.

Are there any US friendly casinos that accept PayPal?

I'm afraid not. You can try searching through all the US roulette sites out there, but I'm 99.99% sure you'll be wasting your time.

PayPal is currently only a viable deposit method if you live in Europe. So if you're from the UK (like me), you'll have the maximum choice of PayPal-accepting online casinos to choose from.

Will PayPal always be an option?

I don't see why not.

Online gambling is a perfectly legitimate business, so if they're dealing with trusted companies it wouldn't make much sense to stop offering their services in the online gambling sector entirely.

In my honest opinion, PayPal is here to stay for depositing to and from online roulette casinos. I'm going to keep using it – simply because it remains as a super quick and easy way to fund my account.