Roulette Games

For those that are new to the world of roulette, you may well think that roulette is just roulette, and that there are no real variations to it (why wouldn't you?). You just place your bets on the table, spin the wheel and hope that you get lucky.

However, if you have ever opened up an online casino or ventured into a live casino, you may well have notice that there are sometimes a number of different variants of roulette available.

Below is a quick summary of the most common roulette games that you may encounter both online and offline.

European Roulette

European RouletteThe European roulette table is easily distinguished by its single green '0' at the top of the table. European roulette tables are very easy to use, and the betting grid is fairly self explanatory through its simple layout.

The presence of only one '0' number means that European roulette offers some of the best odds to the player out of all of the roulette variants.

American Roulette

American RouletteAmerican roulette is almost exactly the same as the European version, except that it has an extra '00' number at the top in addition to the '0'.

In spite of this, the layout of the table is generally the same for both games, with an extra number thrown in at the top for the American game.

But beware, the payouts for both the European version and American version are no different, which means that the overall odds are not as favorable on the American roulette table (see American or European roulette).

French Roulette

French RouletteFrench roulette is essentially a redesign of the European roulette table. All of the same betting options are available with the same odds, but the appearance of the table has been changed for this particular version.

The numbers in this game go straight through the centre of the betting grid, with the red, black, even, odd bets and so on straddled either side. This game is primarily available for those players that prefer this particular layout over the European roulette table layout.

Racetrack Roulette

Racetrack RouletteThis form of roulette is sometimes referred to as 'Roulette Pro', 'Roulette Gold' or something along those lines. Basically, racetrack roulette has an extra betting area above the main grid that allows you to bet on popular combinations of numbers (see racetrack roulette bets).

The racetrack area is available on both the French and European table layouts depending on which casino you are playing at.

The odds are the same as if you had placed each bet individually, however the racetrack area simply speeds up the betting for certain combinations of bets.

One of my favourite bets using the 'racetrack' area is the 'neighbours' bet, which allows you to bet on numbers that appear next to one another on the wheel. This means that you are quickly able to cover one area of the wheel, allowing you to focus on where the ball will hopefully land whilst it is spun.

Mini Roulette

Mini RouletteThis form of roulette isn't common, and is more of a novelty than anything. But nonetheless, there are some online casinos like 888 that offer a scaled down version of roulette as an added bonus.

As you can guess, there are less numbers to choose from, with fewer betting options available. This game is more of an added novelty, rather than a true variation of the game of roulette. It is also not recommended that you play this game too often, as it gives a bigger edge to the house than other standard roulette variants.