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  • + Big, publicly-traded, heavily-regulated company.
  • + Large selection of casino games.
  • - Clunky website design.
  • - Manipulative marketing practices.
  • - Slow withdrawals.
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888 is an absolute leviathan in the world of online gambling.

They've been in this business since 1997. They're licensed and regulated by every jurisdiction under the sun, so you know you're dealing with a well-established and battle-hardened casino here.

However, over the years they've picked up tricks on how to maximize money from their players. When you use their website you're constantly bombarded with bonuses and advertising to keep you playing, and it very much betrays their opportunistic attitude toward their customers.

Sure, their casino is solid, and they have one of the biggest selections of casino games, but their marketing tactics make me feel uncomfortable.

In my opinion there are smaller and more honest roulette casinos out there that are more deserving of your business.

Company: Okay


Malta Gaming Authority Logo Malta Gaming Authority MGA/CRP/543/2018
Great Britain Gambling Commission Logo Great Britain Gambling Commission 39028

888 has been in the gambling game for a long time… since 1997 to be precise. They're one of the oldest companies in the world when it comes to gambling on the Internet, and they've been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005 (LON:888).

As a result, two things have happened:

  1. You can trust them to pay out.
  2. They've become old and cumbersome.

They've kept their products updated with the times, but you can feel the weight of the corporate fat that has built up over the years. New features have been cobbled together and layered on top of old systems so much that it's no longer the efficient online casino it used to be.

It works, but it's not a pretty sight.

But worst of all is that 888 know where their money comes from, and they push this edge to the maximum. They have no qualms about plastering you with brightly colored adverts and bonuses to keep you playing at every opportunity. To them you're just a money cow with a gambling addiction asking to be milked.

888 Casino Marketing Tactics Example

888 are all about bright colors and bonuses.

888 Casino is regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority and Great Britain Gambling Commission, but it seems as though they spend most of their effort ticking regulatory boxes as opposed to creating a product that is empathetic towards anyone who wants to gamble online.

For example, they were fined £7.8 million in 2017 for failing to protect vulnerable customers:

Shares in 888 Holdings fell by 8% after the company revealed it was under investigation by the Gambling Commission (UKGC) in May 2017. The company was fined a record £7.8 million in August 2017 after more than 7,000 customers were allowed to retain access to their betting accounts even after they decided to ban themselves. Self-excluded players were allowed to place bets for 13 months before 888 Holdings was fined.

If you know what you're dealing with, 888 remains a viable option for playing roulette online.

Just be aware that you're just a source of money to them and nothing more.

Website: Poor

It's all style and slow pages.

The 888 Casino website is brightly colored and heavy. It looks good, but it's not the seamless experience it tries to be because it's sluggish and jumps around as the pages load.

The design is cool, but the usability is irritating. Sometimes less is more, and the simpler layouts found at Yeti Casino and Cloudbet are far more enjoyable to navigate.

It feels as though over time they have just been piling more and more on top of the website until they've ended with with a beast of a casino that's beginning to wheeze under the weight of its own code.

And the annoyances do not end there:

888 Popup Example

Prepare for an onslaught of popups and advertising to come your way.

I can see what 888 are going for, but at the end of the day all you want is a website that loads quickly and works, and 888 prefer to just look good.

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Mobile: Good

888 Casino has a fully responsive website, so it works on both desktop and mobile. If anything, the mobile website provides a better experience due the fact that it's more compact.

888 Mobile Website Design

888 actually works better on mobile.

There are also iOS and Android apps available that you can download, but these are essentially just the same website packaged in to an app. You can download them if you prefer, but you'll get the same experience as visiting the casino in your mobile browser.

Overall, the mobile version of their casino is usable. It takes a Netflix-style approach the layout of the games on offer (side-scrolling categories), and the navigation is intuitive. It's clear 888 Casino has put a lot of effort in to their mobile website design.

It's a shame their desktop version isn't as easy to use.

Games: Good

Roulette Variants:


Play Roulette

No shortage of roulette at 888 Casino as long as you like the classic versions of the game.

888 Casino has a good selection of roulette games, which is only to be expected from such a big casino. They have all the classic variants of the game like American, European, and French, along with some modern variants like Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is the only non-standard version of roulette available at 888. Some bets are "struck by lightning" on each spin and have their payouts increased.

However, they do not have the same variety of games that can be found elsewhere, which is due to the fact they use a smaller number of game providers than some of the other large online casinos like Betsafe. They're basically sticking to the classic versions of the game mostly (which I personally prefer, as modern variants tend to have a worse house edge anyway).

On the other hand, 888 Casino has a very wide selection of tables in their Live Casino section. They've realized that more and more players prefer the option of playing live roulette, so they have focused on expanded their offering in that area over recent years.

888 Live Casino Section Screenshot

888 have one of the busiest live casinos.

Banking: Good

Payment Methods:

The payment methods vary significantly from country to country, so some of the deposit options above may not be available to you depending on where you live.

I have never had a problem withdrawing money from 888 Casino. That's something I'll admit they actually do well.

888 Casino offers all the major deposit and withdrawal options. They've been in this business for a long time, so they've got a lot of experience with helping people to get money in and out of their casino.

But in general, they accept deposits from cards and online wallets. The fact they also accept PayPal (in some countries) is what attracts a lot of players to 888.

Unfortunately there is no bitcoin option, but that's only to be expected from such a regulated operation.

Bonus: Okay

Bonuses vary from country to country. This bonus highlights their typical bonus structure.

100% up to

Winnings Trap. You forfeit any winnings if you do not redeem the full bonus with 90 days.

Winnings Limit. Winnings are capped at $/€/£500 during the bonus period.

This is a typical bonus with slightly better-than-average terms and conditions The wagering requirement of 30x is lower than average, and the 90 day time frame for redeeming the bonus is longer than average.

Unfortunately the money you wager on table games like roulette and blackjack only count 10% towards the wagering requirement, so it's still a bonus designed to get you hooked on playing slots (which counts 100% toward the wagering requirements).

But on the plus side, even the maximum winnings you can withdraw is capped at $/€/£500, big wins from progressive jackpots can be withdrawn. This is a rare rule that most online casinos will not make exceptions for, so it works very much to your advantage if you get lucky.

Overall it's a respectable offer, although it's still not quite good enough for me to risk forfeiting my winnings to take them up on it.

Contribution table

Contribution toward wagering requirements for different games.
Game Contribution Total Wagering Requirement
Slots 100% 30x
Roulette 10% 300x
Blackjack 10% 300x
Craps 5% 600x

Support: Awful

Support at 888 Casino is awful. You'll be lucky to get a reply, and if you do it will take at least 3 or 4 days to hear back from them.

Customer support feels like a massive inconvenience for 888 Casino. I understand they're a big company and must receive a large number of support queries on a daily basis, but they have gone to extreme lengths to avoid having to help their players.

The main way to contact 888 is through a web form that looks like it was built in 1997.

There is no Live Chat, and a telephone number is nowhere to be found.

I get the feeling that 888 Casino don't want to be contacted. All they want is for you to deposit money, lose, and to not bother them in any way at all.

I've not had to send a serious query their way, so maybe if I had a major problem then my emails would get escalated. But that's just a hope. From my experience, support at 888 Casino is practically non-existent.

Conclusion: F

888 Casino is a giant online casino that serves it's purpose: you can deposit, play roulette, win money if you get lucky, and cash out without a problem.

But it's not a company I enjoy using.

They're focus is to milk as much money out of you as possible by bombarding you with ads and bonuses while you play. In my view a casino should just offer you the option of gambling, and otherwise keep out of the way as much as possible. 888 Casino on the other hand just sees you as a source of profit.

The only positive thing about 888 Casino is their history and size. They're a publicly traded company under heavy regulation, so there's no question that they're going to pay out if you win. But all of the casinos I've listed on this website are reliable in that regard.

888 Casino is a popular option for gambling online (which is why I've reviewed them here), but in my opinion there are much more enjoyable online casinos out there.