Casino Titan Review

Casino Titan

Roulette Review

Overall - 93%

I enjoy Casino Titan. Their website is flashy, the casino games run well, and the cashier is effective. It has everything I like in an online casino.

It doesn't do anything new or fancy, but it runs like a well-oiled machine. This is especially important as a US player, as reliability is more important than unique features.

So if you're a US citizen and want a few fun spins of a roulette wheel, Casino Titan is ideal. Just don't expect fireworks - especially not from the guys at support.


Casino Titan uses RTG (Real Time Gaming) software. Always been a fan of RTG. Sturdy software and fun graphics. The action is fast paced, which makes the games exiting.

Note: RTG is the most-commonly used software for US-facing online casinos.

However, the wheel graphics suffer from too much motion-blur. It's too difficult to keep up with the numbers as the wheel spins.

If you've bet on a specific number (e.g. 32) for the chance of a big win, you're going to have a hard time anticipating whether or not the ball is going to land in that winning slot. The numbers are just too fuzzy, which unfortunately takes some tension and excitement out of the game.

Casino Titan Roulette Wheel Screenshot This screenshot makes the numbers appear just about legible, but it's much worse than this during real play.

The wheel looks great, but it's not practical and fails to maximise entertainment.

Casino Titan Roulette Wheel ScreenshotI like how you can create your own custom bet size for each click.

Lets say you like to bet an "awkward" amount with each click such as $7. Instead of having to place a $5 chip and two $1 chips, you can build your own $7 stack of chips that will be bet on each click. It might seem weird at first, but trust me, it's a marvellous method that I wish more online casinos would adopt.


Going for the stylish approach. You know, "look and feel cool while you win money" style. The opposite of Loco Panda then, really.

I'm impressed as soon as I land on the homepage. Clean navigation menu, and handy listings of all the games on offer directly from the homepage. Good to see a classy web design combined with functionality for once.

The industry standard for casino websites is to look flashy and ignore functionality. Casino Titan however has actually put thought in to the layout and design. This is a good sign.


Depositing was easy enough. A simple web-based cashier did the trick. Nothing flashy, but it loads quickly and gets the job done. Exactly how I like it.

Casino Titan also make the deposit and withdrawal options very clear, along with the estimated processing times for each. For some reason this isn't always easy to find, but these guys make it clear. All this makes me feel much more comfortable.

Support - 3/10

Support is poor.

Email - I sent them a simple question regarding deposit limits and never received a reply (it has been 2 months so far).

Casino Titan Email

Live Chat - This is less 24/7 than I had hoped. I let a basic question sit in the live chat window for 2 hours before closing it and moving on.

Phone - Haven't tried.

I haven't heard terrible complaints about the support at Casino Titan, but my experience is poor at best. I'd like to think that if I had a burning issue it would be attended to, but first impression isn't great.

I'm sure firing off multiple emails would improve my response rate, but that's still annoying.

Couldn't find any significant complaints about Casino Titan on the Interwebs, which is also a positive sign. Usually the Casinomeister forum turns up a number of unhappy customers, but looks as though Casino Titan is doing a good enough job of not making people unhappy.

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Casino Details

Bonus: $1,000
Match: 400%
Software: RTG
Mac: Yes
US: Yes


Stack Betting Stack Betting Yes
Multiplayer Multiplayer No
Full Screen Full Screen Mode No
Previous Results Recent Results Yes
Autoplay Autoplay Feature No
Turbo Mode Turbo Mode No
Racetrack Betting Feature Racetrack No
Custom Betting Patterns Custom Patterns No

Roulette Wheel

Spin Time 4 - 5 secs
Realism 9/10
Clarity 7/10


Betting Limits

Outside: $1 to $100
Inside: $1 to $100
Table: $200