Compare Online Roulette Casinos

Compare Online RouletteThere are more online casinos out there than I care to think about, with probably all of them offering the game of roulette in some form. It's not easy finding the right casino for roulette, which is why this page is here to help you compare online casinos for the best roulette game.

There are a series of tables below that allow you to compare the top roulette casinos in areas such as: software, features, betting, games and more to help you find the perfect online casino.

As a tip, if you see an icon at the top of a table and you have no idea what it means (which you pop-up exampleprobably won't, they're pretty random), just hover over the top of it and a little information box will pop up telling you what it means. Let's go...



This is simply the same table as found on the roulette reviews page. Hopefully this should help you get your bearings on how each of the casinos compare against one another when it comes to the roulette games they have on offer.

Room Overall Review
Rushmore Rushmore 8.0 9 10 7 9 6 Review
Casino Club Casino Club 7.6 8 7 8 8 7 Review
InterCasino InterCasino 6.4 5 6 5 8 8 Review



Software is an important part of any casino, as any slow-running or difficult to use software can make the whole online roulette experience a lot less enjoyable.

This table contains key ratings and information on the casino software, as well as info on whether or not the rooms have a no download casino or are Mac compatible.

Room Rating Platform Est. Review
Rushmore Rushmore 8 yes yes RTG 2001 Review
Casino Club Casino Club 8 no no Boss Media 2003 Review
InterCasino InterCasino 4 yes yes Cryptologic 2002 Review


Roulette Games

There are a wide variety of different roulette games currently available to be played online, but different casinos offer different versions of the game. Remember to always play the European or French version of the game where possible, as it offers much better odds than its American counterpart.

Room European American French Gold Mini Review
Rushmore Rushmore yes yes no no no Review
Casino Club Casino Club yes yes yes no no Review
InterCasino InterCasino yes yes no yes no Review


Roulette Wheels

The roulette wheel is an essential part of any roulette table, so it's good to have an idea of how well they perform before you sign up and play. Find out the spin time and size of the wheels, as well as the smoothness and clarity using the table below.

Room Size Spin Time Smoothness Clarity Review
Rushmore Rushmore 58.2cm2 4 - 5 secs 9 7 Review
Casino Club Casino Club 23.6cm2 8 - 10 secs 7 6 Review
InterCasino InterCasino 51.3cm2 12 - 14 secs 5 9 Review

Smoothness - How smooth the motion of the roulette wheel is during each spin.
Clarity - How easy it is to read the numbers on the roulette wheel.


Table Features

To help keep the game entertaining and engaging, the online casinos offer different in-game features to make the games as enjoyable as possible. Find out which features each casino offers with the table below.

Room Review
Rushmore Rushmore yes yes yes yes no no no Review
Casino Club Casino Club no yes yes yes no yes yes Review
InterCasino InterCasino no no yes yes no no yes Review

Stack Betting - The ability to create custom betting amounts during play.
Zoom Window - A small window that zooms in on the area that the ball has landed in.
Turbo Mode - Reduces or removes the time the ball spends spinning around the wheel.



Although quite rare, the En Prison or La Partage rule can be found at some casinos. This rule reduces the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%, thus reducing your chances of losing money. Also find out which casinos offer racetrack bets, and the ability to create your own custom bets.

Room En Prison La Partage Racetrack Custom Review
Rushmore Rushmore no no yes no Review
Casino Club Casino Club no yes yes no Review
InterCasino InterCasino no no yes no Review

En Prison - If the 'En Prison' rule is available at any of the roulette tables.
La Partage - If the 'La Partage' rule is available at any of the roulette tables.
Racetrack - If the ''Racetrack' or 'Called Bets' are available at any of the roulette tables.
Custom - If there is the option to create your own custom bet patterns and save them. This is useful if you want to create betting layouts (like the snake for example).


For further information on these casinos, check out the casino currencies and the online roulette bonus pages. They also have comparison tables that all you to compare the online casinos in different areas.

So there we have it, a pretty infromative yet concise set of comparison tables to help you compare roulette casinos and choose your favourite. If you are still undecided, you can check out the roulette reviews page and follow the links to each casino review for further information, or even easier, just follow the ones from this page.

Either way, you will have a much better idea of which casino you would prefer to play at now, so give it a download and start playing some roulette. No time like the present.