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Best iPhone roulette casinos.

Logo Casino Rating iPhone Real Money Play
CloudBet Logo CloudBet 97% Yes Yes Play Now
Betcoin Logo Betcoin 93% Yes Yes Play Now
Sky Vegas Logo Sky Vegas 90% Yes Yes Play Now
32Red Logo 32Red 75% Yes Yes Play Now

Note: All of these mobile roulette casinos work on the iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

How to play roulette on your iPhone.

Playing online roulette on your iPhone is incredibly easy. It's basically just a case of visiting a mobile-friendly casino in Safari on your iPhone and creating an account.

Step 1) Visit an iPhone compatible casino site and create an account.

Visit a site like CloudBet and create an account. You can do this on your laptop/desktop or on your iPhone itself. It doesn't usually matter what device you're using, although it's easier on a laptop or desktop.

Create your account at CloudBet now

You can sign up and play roulette at any of the iPhone compatible casinos listed in the table above. I'd personally recommend CloudBet though as it has the fastest and easiest to use website and software. Plus they're just all-round awesome.

Step 2) Visit the iPhone version of the casino.

If you're already in Safari on your iPhone you can just navigate your way to mobile casino and start playing roulette. This should be straightforward enough to get to from wherever you are.

If you're on your laptop or desktop, grab your iPhone and open up Safari. From here the easiest way to open up the mobile version of the casino (the one you've just created an account at) is to visit the casino website address. You should be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

Alternatively, you could search Google for something like "888 mobile casino" (or whatever casino you created an account at). The first result should take you to the iPhone compatible version of the casino you're looking for.

Tip: If you know the web address of the mobile version of the casino then you can just type that in to the address bar.

When you get to the casino in Safari on your iPhone you should be able to sign in and start playing roulette right away. Easy.

Step 3) Make a deposit to play for real money (optional).

You can play roulette on your iPhone for free, but it's much more fun to play for real money.

You can make a deposit on either your iPhone or on your laptop/desktop. Just look for the "banking" or "cashier" links (or anything along those lines) on the casino website and go from there. Depositing is super quick and easy.

Note: You only need one account and you can log in to it wherever you go. Therefore, if you make a deposit on your desktop and log-in on your iPhone, the money will be in that same account ready for you to play with.

I'd recommend making a deposit with your credit/debit card. That's the method I use as it's free and instant. Paypal is another handy option at some casinos if you prefer that.

Tip: It's a little bit easier to deposit on a laptop or desktop thanks to the use of a proper keyboard, so if you've got access to one of those I'd recommend logging in to the casino and depositing that way.

You may also have to initially set up the banking methods on your laptop/desktop before you are able to make deposits on your iPhone.

Play roulette on your iPhone at CloudBet

Can you play for real money?

Yes. As well as being able to play these roulette games on your iPhone for free, you can fund your account and play for the chance to win real money.

As already mentioned, you can make a deposit to your account from your iPhone or from your desktop computer. From there you just need to sign in to your account on your iPhone and you're ready to play roulette for real money from anywhere.

On the bus, in work, on a night out… anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and you're good to go.

Will it work on 3G?

Yes. At least at all the iPhone casinos I've tried anyway.

I was actually surprised to find out that mobile casino games work on 3G, but it seems as though they work just as well as they do on WiFi. Even if you haven't got a great 3G signal the games run smoothly. They're obviously a bit slower-loading, but they will run.

There's also no need to worry about losing money if you lose your Internet connection either, as all incomplete wagers will be returned. So if you place a bet and you lose your Internet connection before you spin the wheel, your bet will be returned to your account balance. It's all very safe and reliable.

Here's an interesting articles on those E, O and 3G connection symbols.

Play roulette on your iPhone at CloudBet

Are there any iPhone roulette apps?

Yes, but not really. All of the major online casinos have web-based versions of their software that you can access through your iPhone's Safari browser.

There are some roulette apps in the app store, but these usually aren't official ones from gambling companies that allow you to play for real money. They're just toy games.

Plus the mobile-versions of the casino games are free anyway.

What makes a good iPhone roulette casino?

I've played roulette at a bunch of different casinos on my iPhone, and these are the main 4 things I've found to be important:

  1. Easy to use website and iPhone friendly. We all know how annoying it is trying to "click" on tiny text links on our iPhones. The simpler and bigger the interface the better.
  2. Good software. It all comes down to how good the actual games are at the end of the day. They're not going to be awesome and 3D like they will be on desktop browsers, but they should be easy to use and smooth.
  3. Ability to play for real money. Betting with play money is fun, but it's way more exciting with real money.
  4. Good company. I'm not a big fan of depositing at casinos that I've not heard of or that I'm not familiar with. I like to stick with big brand names (like 888) as I feel safer with those.

The iPhone casinos in the table at the top of this page have been rated based on those 4 factors.

Play roulette on your iPhone at CloudBet

Haven't got an iPhone yet?

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