Rushmore Casino Review


Roulette Review

Overall - 92%

Rushmore is a top destination for a vast amount of US players. The sleek software and huge roulette wheel make it a very enjoyable casino to play roulette at.

The deposit and withdrawal options are a little limited to allow for the casino to accept US players, but aside from this Rushmore is a superb casino to play at, and is highly recommended if you are living in the US.


Possibly the biggest disappointment of the Rushmore casino is that they only offer the two standard Roulette variants of European and American Roulette. However, unless you are after French or Mini versions specifically this shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

With an average spin time between 4 and 5 seconds, the gameplay at Rushmore is very speedy indeed. This means that action can be very fast and exciting, although I would recommend that you are careful whilst you play so that you do not get carried away in the moment.

All in all though, the gameplay is great.


The Roulette wheel at Rushmore is absolute huge. It is significantly bigger than any roulette wheels at other casinos, and is a very prominently feature at the table.

When you combine this with great (and very entertaining) wheel and ball physics, you have got a very entertaining game on your hands. Anyone fancy another spin?


Although the roulette wheel is undeniably fantastic (it has a very 3D feel to it), the overall graphics could be made smoother. The colors used are decent, but they don't make the table look particularly attractive. In addition, the boxes that appear over the numbers when you hover across them are a little sketchy.

In general, I must point out that the graphics at Rushmore are good, but I think they could be pushed a little further to help create a more inviting atmosphere. Fortunately however, the table graphics take absolutely nothing away from the actual gameplay, and the Roulette games remain incredibly enjoyable.

It is also worth noting that Rushmore is part of the RTG casino network, which means that it shares the same graphics and gameplay as a handful of other popular online casinos.


Rushmore really does excel in the support department. The casino has a variety of email addresses to help give players a more accurate and timely response, as well has having country specific phone numbers for players to ring.

To finish it all off, they also have a fast-acting live chat feature, which is accessible from the lobby.


Rushmore offers a total of $888 in bonus to all new depositing players, which gets split up into two separate parts. The first 100% up to $400 bonus can be received after making your first deposit using the 400FREE bonus code, and the final $488 can be received on your second deposit using the 488FREE bonus code.

For more information, check out the Rushmore Casino bonus page.

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Casino Details

Bonus: $888
Match: 100%
Code: use link
Software: RTG
Mac: Yes
US: Yes


Stack Betting Stack Betting Yes
Multiplayer Multiplayer No
Full Screen Full Screen Mode No
Previous Results Recent Results Yes
Autoplay Autoplay Feature No
Turbo Mode Turbo Mode No
Racetrack Betting Feature Racetrack No
Custom Betting Patterns Custom Patterns No

Roulette Wheel

Spin Time 4 - 5 secs
Realism 9/10
Clarity 7/10


Betting Limits

Outside: $1 to $250
Inside: $1 to $250
Table: $500