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If you're from the UK (like me, I'm from Wales), where's the best place to play online roulette in 2020?

There are ridiculous amount of online casinos out there, so I don't blame you for Googling the answer. Here are my thoughts on the best options for UK roulette.

Best online casinos for UK roulette players 2020.

Logo Casino Rating Live Mac Pounds Bonus Play
Sky Vegas Logo Sky Vegas 90% Yes Yes Yes £500 Play
32Red Logo 32Red 75% No Yes Yes £32 Play

These are my top choices for the best places to play online roulette in the UK. They're safe, reliable, and generally all-round awesome casinos.

I've also listed whether they are Mac compatible and if they offer live dealer roulette for good measure.

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What makes for a good UK roulette casino?

Aside from actually offering actually offering real money roulette, here are the 3 big things I look for as a UK roulette player:

  1. The ability to quickly deposit and withdraw money using a debit or credit card.
  2. The ability to manage my account and play for real money in pounds (GBP).
  3. A casino that is UK-focused.

1) Depositing and withdrawing with a credit card.

This is by far the easiest way to deposit money and withdraw winnings at an online casino in 2020. It's as easy as buying a book from Amazon or paying for your weekly shop at Asda. Everyone has a debit card these days and it's a piece of cake to use.

UK Online Casino Banking MethodsThere are plenty of banking methods (Paypal is another good one), but credit/debit card is the easiest.

Furthermore, when using your card at a good online casino:

  • The deposits are instant.
  • The withdrawals only take 2 - 3 days.

No fuss, no hassle, no nonsense. It's just easy. This is why it's one of the essential features of a good UK online casino.

2) Playing in pounds (GBP).

A lot of online casinos use US Dollars or Euros as the main working currency. That's fair enough, and there's nothing stopping you from depositing and playing at those roulette casinos – your Pounds will be converted for you for free when you deposit and withdraw.

However, I love Pounds. When I go on holiday I miss those crispy notes and the sturdy coins. But most importantly, I know the value of £1 better than the value of any other currency.

When I win £50, I want to know that I've won £50. Not $80 or €60 (or whatever the conversion rate is at the time). Wagering at an online casino that allows me to play in Pounds makes it all the more real and exciting.

I have played in Dollars and Euros a bunch of times, and in fairness I haven't had any problems. The thing is though – it's just not the same as playing in Pounds, and I know you'll appreciate it as much as I do.

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3) A UK focus.

Ever heard of Casino Titan? Probabaly not.
Ever heard of Unibet? Maybe, but probably not again.
Ever heard of 888? Of course.

All 3 of those casinos are superb, reliable places to play online roulette. Rushmore is a sleek US-focused casino, and Unibet is a huge European gambling company. However, 888 is the only one with a big UK presence.

Does it make much of a difference if you've heard of the company before? Well, if you haven't heard of a company:

  • You're less likely to trust it.
  • They probably won't offer many UK-focused promotions.
  • Their support may be based in a completely different country.

If you stick with an established UK brand you're going to be a lot happier all-round. You'd be just as safe at a casino like Unibet, but it's always more comfortable to be in the hands of a recognisable company that already services thousands of UK bettors.

What about live dealers?

A lot of people ask me questions about online casinos with live dealers from the UK. The answers to most of these questions is as follows:

  • Yes, most good UK online casinos offer live dealer roulette.
  • No, the actual dealers aren't usually from the UK.

So whilst you can play live dealer roulette (which is awesome) at UK casinos like 888, the actual live dealers are often from eastern Europe. I'm not 100% certain on the reason, but I'd guess that it's more cost-effective that way.

Is it a problem? Not at all.

They're super efficient and they make excellent croupiers (that's what they call the "dealers" at the roulette table). The only difference is the cool accent.

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